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Bail Bonds Passaic

What is bail in Passaic County? Bail is a system where courts allow the accused to remain out of jail as long as they agree to appear for their court dates. The way the courts make sure the accused will return is to assign a dollar amount (bail) that will be held if the accused flees. Most people can't afford the whole bail amount so they contact their local Passaic County bail bonds agent.

What does a Passaic County bail bond agent do? Passaic County bail bond agents supply the full bond amount to the court and take responsibility for the accused appearing for all their court dates. The Passaic County bail bond agent takes 10% of the posted bond as a fee for taking on this responsibility. Bail bond agents in Passaic County are trained and licensed by the state. The fee also is set by the state and is non-negotiable.

New Jersey Statute states that Bail is a constitutional right in this nation which allows a defendant to be released and assuring his/her appearance during all court dates. Basically with a Passaic County bail bonds agent all one needs to do is provide a percentage of the bail amount to the agent against the full amount in collateral. This is the most affordable way to pay the bail. The process is:

  • Accused is Arrested
  • The Passaic County bail is set
  • Arraignment hearing
  • The Passaic County bail bond is posted
  • The accused is released
  • The Passaic County bail bond agent makes sure the accused shows up for all court dates

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