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Find Bail Bonds In Passaic County

When looking to secure bail bonds, Passaic County residents rely on Lucky 7 Bail Bonds. In the event that you or someone you know is accused of a crime, we can help. The New Jersey bail system allows you to forfeit a court prescribed sum of money as collateral in lieu of spending time in jail. As you wait for your court date, paying for bail is a much preferred alternative to spending time in incarceration. Despite it being a popular option, the majority of people awaiting their court date are unable to afford the high cost of bail. In these situations, it’s best to consult bail bond agents. NJ residents trust Lucky 7 Bail Bonds to help with their legal situation. Our agents agree to post the money for bail and ensure that their clients will arrive in court at a later date. In compensation for this agreement, bail bond agents in Passaic County receive a state standardized 10% of the total bail amount for their commission. Lucky 7 Bail Bonds offers payment plans that can help you secure your bail bond in the event that you are unable to afford the fee.

Each area has specific rules for how bail bonds are carried out. Passaic County procedure is as follows:

  • A person is accused of committing a crime and is subsequently arrested.
  • Passaic County judge establishes the price of bail for the defendant.
  • There is a hearing for the arraignment.
  • Then Lucky 7 Bail Bonds will post the bail for the defendant to release them from jail.
  • Finally, the bail bond agent will ensure that the defendant is present for all scheduled court dates.

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